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Cryptocurrency Algorithmic trading bot

Most trade transactions in the financial markets are carried out by automated trading systems or, more simply, bots. The cryptocurrency market is no exception. Tired of wasting time analyzing graphs, patterns and volumes? Use the most powerful bitmex trading bot hamster-bot.


Strategy tester

Strategy scripts are available for testing on historical data using the TradingView strategy tester



Description of the bot and strategies.




Many available Tested trading strategies.

Fully Automated

Fully stable automated trading without looking back.

Free version

Always Free trial usage for each user! (limited to balance)

Telegram bot

Monitoring and control of the bot via Telegram.


The project team is continuously working to improve the product.

Supported exchanges

Full BitMEX intergration. In development: FTX and Binance.


We develop a community of professionals. There are many users and reviews and performance statistics.

Built-in telegram bot

telegram bot
Built-in telegram bot

The bot program is integrated with the telegram bot @BitMEX_algorithmic_trading_bot It is very convenient to monitor the situation. You don't need to go to the exchange or to the computer running the bot. The bot will notify you of the current situation.

Video guide Read the instructions.

Video Tutorial

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TradingView intergration

Full TradingView script support and backtest results available through tradingview. 1 on 1 equal connection as the bot 100% pure bot development.

Full BitMEX intergration

full integration of the bitmex exchange. from API to utils_charts to custom made and perfect connection to the bitmex exchange. world most advanced bitmex trading bot.



Reviews and statistics Gallery of results.

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Telegram community
We have a growing telegram community where everyone helps each other. you can come here with questions or technical support. updates and other information can also be found here.